The Best New Men’s Summer Fragrances for 2022

Warm(er) weather is coming, and this summer has a different ring to it.

Promising to be reminiscent of a pre-covid time, we are all playing catch up. With a growing list of summer plans, chances are you will be re-shuffling your wardrobe. But don’t just dress for summer, smell like it too. To help, we’ve pulled together a summer fragrance guide that includes some exciting brand new releases that will ensure you smell the part. Thank us later.

Aqua Lemon – Jo Malone

Aqua Lemon is the sort of fragrance that will put you in holiday mode with one spritz. This new release from Jo Malone perfectly encapsulates summer with its citrus freshness. A combination of mandarin, spearmint and cedarwood. What we’re basically saying is this one’s a real winner!

£56 (30ml); Jo Malone

Invictus Platinum – Paco Rabanne

A men’s summer fragrance should be clean and see you through a long day. Paco Rabanne’s latest ‘Invictus Platinum’ will do exactly that. Top notes are Absinthe and Grapefruit; middle notes are Mint and Lavender; base notes are Cypress and Patchouli. It’s a change of pace from the original Invictus, but equally as enjoyable. 

£79 (100ml); Paco Rabanne

Le Beau Le Parfum – Jean Paul Gaultier

When it comes to fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier knows a thing or two having produced one of the most iconic and best loved scents: Le Male (back in 1995). Lending inspiration but taking a new direction, intense ‘Le Beau Le Parfum’ is sweeter, smoother and has a hint of pina colada about it. For a guy who wants to leave a fresh, powerful trail this summer.

£80 (125ml); Jean Paul Gaultier

Bad Boy (Cobalt) – Caroline Herrera

A bottle that just about stands up, and a fragrance within that smells like a ‘bad boy’.  It mixes pink pepper, geranium, truffle, oakwood, vetiver and cedarwood. That’s Bad Boy Cobalt for you by Carolina Herrera ,and that’s a men’s summer fragrance you are going to want to buy.

£82 (100ml); The Perfume Shop

Pour Homme – Moncler

A fragrance that is housed in a flask which mimics the labels famous winter puffers, Pour Homme eau de parfum captures an energizing freshness. Moncler’s first ever fragrance blends Alpine green accord, cedarwood and mountain woods. Spoiler: It smells very good. 

£76 (60ml); Harvey Nichols

Solstice – Bjork and Berries

You can’t bottle light. But you can bottle a midsummer tradition that never sets and smell good in the process. björk and berries Solstice is a fresh citrus mix of neroli and petit grain alongside notes of orange blossom, lavender and a base of cashmere and white amber. It evokes Scandinavian coolness and is very fresh. 

£85 (50ml); björk and berries

Eau Triple Conversation dans un parc – Officine Universelle Buly

Unisex, because everyone wants to smell this good. The ancient Officine was founded in 1803 by Jean-Vincent Bully, a Parisian perfumer who became famous thanks to his perfumes and scented vinegars. Fast forward to now and these unique and carefully crafted scents are still going strong. Conversation Dans Un Parc is a mix that looks to Southern Europe and is a water-based, summery all-rounder with a mix of peppermint and bergamot in an imposing bouquet of ottoman roses. It neither preces nor follows its wearer. You want to smell good but you don’t need to shout about it.

€150 (75ml); Buly 1803