On Tuesday 26th April 2011, Suraj and I (Lewis) registered Tinman London dot com. We created Tinman London as a result of a long term friendship and through a mutual passion for MUSIC.

This site began as a platform to display and showcase the music we enjoyed listening to – I guess looking back at it now it was our own carefully curated playlist – something which would later build a steadily growing following. Knowing that people were reading our articles all over the world genuinely blew our minds and inspired us, (‘6 people in Brazil read that bro!!‘) lol.

Running the site has always been incredibly satisfying, it has helped us hone some valuable skills, learn some good lessons and meet some great people – it’s also been challenging at times. A few years on from launch, we decided we wanted to evolve and expand the genres of the site. Discovering new exciting music was always cool, but the idea of sharing some life and style reads alongside the existing content stream seemed like a natural progression!? That’s when we decided to pursue and serve up an expanding menu of content: music, life and style.

Since the beginning and over the years we’ve teamed up with so many talented people we admire, musicians, record labels and the brands we love – it’s been FUN. We always valued intelligent, creative thinking as teenagers and this fondness for the arts remains, with us continuing to enjoy showcasing forthcoming trends in: Music, (London) Life and Style. So, get comfy and discover a variety music, playlists and lifestyle reads. As the site has evolved, so have we – Lewis

Meet the team below…

Lewis RidleyCo-Founder / Editor
Suraj GhumraCo-Founder
Nia PhillipsContributing Writer (fashion)
Adam MacdonaldContributing Writer (london lifestyle)