The Fragrances Every Man Needs for Summer 2019


best mens fragrances for summer 2019

Figuring out which scent to wear and when can be a tough nut to crack. Especially when seasons change. So, in a bid to keep things simple, we say: as the days get brighter, so should your fragrance. No need to stress though, we’ve got things covered for the impending arrival of summer. An array of scents to compliment your summer style and social calendar, wherever it may take you.

1. Acqua di Parma
The UK weather might not mirror the Italian coast too often (if ever!), but you can at least smell like it, thanks to Acqua di Parma’s Cipresso di Toscana: a refreshing blend of orange and petit grain heightened by sage and lavender. A refreshing scent tailor-made for summer AND holidays.
Cipresso di Toscana, £108 for 150ml, Acqua di Parma

2. Dior
Looking for an summer evening spritz that packs a punch? Look no further than Suavage by Dior. This modern classic mixes bergamot and traditional spices to create a sophisticated scent that promises to capture the attention of those in attendance at any summer social. Apply sparingly. 
Sauvage Eau de Toilette, £71 for 100ml, The Perfume Shop

3. Ulrich Lang 
Clean and refreshing, apsu is a combination of spicy florals and green leaves. Notes of white tea, iris, coriander and violet help create this multi-faceted fragrance that is perfect for the warmest days of summer! Apsu Eau de Toilette, £89 for 100ml, Liberty

4. Jo Malone London
Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne is withstanding the test of time, proving to be a modern classic that is admired by both men and women alike. It has been described as the scent of a breezy Caribbean Beach and put plainly it’s too good to share. Your new all-year-round favourite but one that’s truly fitting for warmer climes! Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, £94 for 100ml, Jo Malone London

5. Tom Daxon
Warm and fresh, Tom Daxon’s Reverie is a complex whiff built around notes of Iris, leather and fine woods which give it a sensual dry down. It’s fresh, spicy and has great longevity. A choice that’ll certainly upgrade your bathroom cabinet for summer 2019 and beyond.
Reverie Eau de Parfum, £105 for 50ml, Tom Daxon

6. Maison Francis Kurkdjian
A long-lasting citrus, Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjianis is elegent with a mix of: Italian lemon, orange blossom, lavender, hawthorn, musk and ambroxan. It’s freshness is described as an early morning in the city of light. Another impecable scent from Maison! Petit Matin Eau De Parfum, £140 for 70ml, MrPorter 

7. Banana Republic
Pleasantly surprised. Banana Republics is not necessarily a brand that springs to mind when we think of fragrances, but the high-street has delivered the good stuff with Neroli Woods. Notes of Neroli and Orange blossoms will trigger memories of carefree summer days on the beach and leave you smelling your freshest. Neroli Woods Eau de Parfum, £55 for 75ml, Debenhams

8. Jean Paul Gaultier
It’s 2019 and Le Male still reigns as one of the best male fragrances. The power and freshness of mint, lavender and vanilla create the familiar and seductive scent. A year-round favourite that’s versatile, fit for both formal and casual occasions. Summer and beyond! Le Male Eau de Toilette, £56 for 125ml, John Lewis

9. Prada
If you weren’t privy to Italian fashion house Prada’s ability in the fragrance department, you are now. Luna Rossa mixes patchouli, ambergris and coumarin notes to bring a refreshing and distinctive take on summer fragrances. Busy summer schedule meeting new people along the way? You can be the guy they remember the smell of (in a good way). Luna Rossa Black Eau de Parfum Spray, £49.99 for 50ml, Fragrance Direct

10. Carolina Herrera
Save 212 VIP Black for when you’re off out on a evening date or a special occasion. Drawing inspiration from the Big Apple it mixes absinth with lavender and black vanilla. It’s heavy but still a great summer choice. 212 VIP Black Eau de Parfum, £58.40 for 100ml, Perfume Click

11. Comms des Garçons
Commes des Garçons doesn’t play by the rules and ‘2’ stays true to that. This invigorating scent contains mandarin, orange and magnolia are followed by patchouli, vetiver, Chinese cedar and juniper which make this great abstract composition. Perfect for summer gigs and shindigs! 2 eau de parfum, £90 for 100ml, Selfridges