UK Health Programmes That You Should Try


Brits are making the switch to a healthier lifestyle, and it’s time for you to follow suit. The Guardian reported that a healthy lifestyle could help women live up to the age of 85 and help men live up to the age of 81 without getting diabetes, cancer, or heart illnesses. To achieve this feat, you’ll need to adopt four or five healthy lifestyle factors, such as having a healthy BMI, exercising regularly, eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining a moderate alcohol intake, and never smoking. 

The good news is that these healthy lifestyle factors will be easier to achieve due to the health programmes available in the UK. To illustrate, here are some of the most accessible and effective health programmes that you should try: 

Soups and Shakes Diet

Are you at risk of developing diabetes? You can lower your risk by following the NHS programme for people with type 2 diabetes. 

NHS South West London’s soup and shakes diet is a year-long programme that puts people through low-calorie diet replacement products, such as shakes and soups for the first three months. After this period, you will slowly reintroduce healthy and nutritious food to your diet through a carefully managed meal plan. Though this may seem like a drastic change from your usual diet, the NHS reports that participants lose an average of 13 kilogrammes after doing the programme for three months. One can expect that they will experience more significant progress, after finishing the programme in a year. 

WeightWatchers Programme

If you want to eat a wider selection of food, you can achieve a healthier BMI and maintain a well-balanced diet through WeightWatchers. 

WeightWatchers is a doctor-recommended weight loss plan that is based on the latest nutritional and behavioural science. The programme teaches you how to assess a food’s complex nutritional factors, such as fibre, added sugars, or protein, through their app. By learning how to track your food intake, you can master portion sizes and plan your meals ahead to ensure that you are regularly eating a well-balanced diet. You can even use the app to browse their restaurant database to ensure that you are eating healthy, even when you’re out with friends or family. 

Our Parks

You can further maintain a healthy BMI by pairing your diet plan with a fitness programme. One of the most accessible programmes for London residents is Our Parks because their classes are held across the entire city. 

Our Parks is a local initiative that brings free fitness group classes to different parks in London, such as the Olympic Park and Victoria Park. This initiative is led by qualified fitness instructions, so you can enjoy a wide variety of classes ranging from BoxFit to yoga. These fitness sessions are even more motivating because you’ll join a community with the same health goals. So if you want to exercise regularly, start by registering with Our Parks. 

AYB Body: Dance Cardio & Tone

Our post on ‘While the Way We Listen to Music Has Changed Forever’, explains how we exercise to it hasn’t changed. People feel more energised when they hear upbeat music like Diplo’s upbeat song, “Don’t Forget My Love”, or feel-good songs like Kygo’s “Dancing Feet”. You can dance to these fun tunes and other smash hits through the Dance Cardio & Tone classes held by At Your Beat. The studio’s hall is very Instagrammable, making it a fun place to dance to pop bangers and hip-hop music. The choreography is also not complicated, so even beginners can participate in dance classes.

There are plenty of health programmes available in London, making it easier to find the most suitable one for you. By signing up for these programs, you can enhance your health and improve your quality of life.