The Winter 2018 Men’s Fragrance Guide

mens winter aftershaves 2018

Welcome to Winter. Dark nights, damp mornings and enough of a chill to leave you running out of Netflix. The seasonal switch up is likely to have you questioning just about everything, from your coat game to your day job – During this highly confusing cold period you will ditch the colours of summer and autumn in favour of the more winter friendly greys and black – You might not know it, but you also need a winter aftershave! So, without further ado, we give you our favourite smells for the winter ahead…

1. Learning the art of perfumery from his mother, Tom’s eponymous brand is blended in France before being matured in England to ensure a distinctive aroma. ‘Midnight Saffron’ is one of the brands most winter-friendly offerings, blending notes of saffron, lavender, jasmine, suede alongside a woody base of amber. It’s a rich and sensual scent, fit for special occasions and evening rendevous.

Tom Daxon Midnight Saffron Eau de parfum, 100ml for £155,

2. Cire Trudon’s line of genderless fragrances is unique and intriguing. Perhaps none more so than Révolution, a musky, sweet and spicy aroma that encapsulates the deep darkness often associated with winter. A heady mix of pathchouli, cade and smoky cedar aid this powerful scent. Think streets of Paris during the French revolution, it’s that in a bottle. The kind of aroma that will ensure you stand out in a crowd (for the right reason of course!).

Trudon Révolution Eau de parfum, 100ml for £165,

3. Developed in the English capital by the master perfumers at Sri London, Sapphire is an alluring fragrance with notes of citrus, cardamom, fresh lavender and warm spices alongside a base of oud, leather and amber. It’s warm, rich and a welcome treat for everyone you come into contact with!

Sri London Sapphire Eau de parfum, 100ml for £220,

4. New to the UK market MiN New York’s Barrel, as the name might suggest, is a spirited whiff. A bold choice of scent with a twist, Barrel combines floral notes (tuberose and orange blossom) with oak wood, leather tannins and moss for this punchy scent, which just like some fine spirits, gets better with time. Needless to say, it’ll become a great addition to your bathroom cabinet.

MiN New York BARREL Eau de parfum, 75ml for £220,

5. Issey Miyake‘s latest launch Leau D’Issey Super Majeure is everything you’d expect: clean and sharp. With top notes of citruses, clary sage and rosemary. A heart of: dark patchouli, cashmerean, woods and black salt with a base of tonka, madagascar vanilla, leather and amber wood ensure this one is a solid men’s fragrance and fit for all year round.

Issey Miyake Leau D’Issey Super Majeure Eau de Toilette, 50ml for £47,