New Balance Unveils ‘Zante Generate’ 3D Printed Running Shoe

new balance zante generate 3d trainer

Fitness aficionados, meet the New Balance Zante Generate, the world’s first ever performance shoe with a full 3D printed midsole.

Printed in the NB Massachusetts factory in the U.S, the Zante Generate is made from laser sintering powder and DuraForm TPU. Built to respond to each individual and their own attributes, such as height, weight and running style, the New Balance Zante Generate is said to feature unique comfort, flexibility and durability.

The Zante Generate will hit New Balance’s site this Friday, in a limited edition quantity of 44 as a nod to New Balance Owner & Chairman, Jim Davis, who purchased the company (44 years ago) on Patriot’s Day in 1972. Take a closer look below.

new balance zante generate

new balance zante generate 3d running shoe