CÎROC Vodka Pop Up Bar at The Parlour


CÎROC Vodka recently unveiled its new Winter pop up, an outdoor bar experience at The Parlour, Canary Wharf.

Guests are invited to celebrate the last of the cold winter months with outdoor heaters, furs and blankets provided to ensure visitors remain comfortable with the elements. Browse the printed scarf menu and pick one of the exclusive CÎROC Vodka cocktail’s on offer, each served in a thermos mug.


Open for a limited time only, the CÎROC Vodka pop up offers a unique outdoor winter bar experience. Alternatively, should you not be sold on the idea of the outdoors just yet, the CÎROC Vodka cocktail menu is also available inside The Parlour for a limited time.

Open now until the end of February 2015.
Open from 4pm until 8pm (Wed-Fri)

The Parlour
The Park Pavilion,
Canary Wharf Group,
40 Canada Square,
E14 5FW

How much?
Average price of a cocktail is £7.95