5 London Restaurants Whose Interiors You’d Love to Steal

Credit – The Shard

London has always been one of the culture capitals of the world, excelling in creating iconic and exciting looks throughout the ages.

Who could forget the Carnaby Street chic of the swinging sixties? Moving on a decade and Culturacolectiva describes Malcolm McLaren’s iconic shop on Kings Road as making punk mainstream. Whatever the decade, England’s capital has forged ahead in the world of style and trendsetting.

As we move into a new decade, London is still right at the top of cutting-edge fashion and trends, never more so than around its restaurants. The city is teeming with exciting places to eat, many of them unique and boasting bold and exciting designs.

Londoners may feel that after eating in some of these places that they want to recreate the style in their own home to some degree. Looking for ideas for interior design tips can be overwhelming, but what better way to try to get inspiration than visiting these wonderful places and stealing some of their ideas?

Berners Tavern

Credit – Berners Tavern

Berners Tavern is nothing like the images the name conjures up. In a city famed for its pubs and bars, this chic eatery is a collection of walled art and comfortable seating in dark, wooden tones.

At home, you’d be looking for wooden floors, perhaps elegant and ornamental corniche and if possible, the same on the ceiling.


Credit – World’s Best Bars

Dandelyan offers more vibrant colours with some sharp edges and contrasting copper and gold balustrade and furniture. A large Art Deco mirror sits comfortably in place alongside striking green walls and pink seating.

Replicating this look at home might be tough, given the sharp edges to some of the walls. A how-to guide on wallpapering around corners by HomeServe explains how difficult this technique can be to get those sharp edges, so this is a style that may require some plastering and bold green paints to replicate it perfectly.

German Gymnasium

Credit – German Gymnasium

The Evening Standard described this Kings Cross location as style conscious which will pique the interest of those wanting inspiration. Moving away from the traditional look, this restaurant in a former gym oozes contemporary class, with lots of bright colours and lighting making it feel spacious and airy.

Spread over two floors, this look would be perfect for any home boasting a mezzanine as it draws attention with the contrasting dark metallic staircase which would be easy to port into your own home.


Credit – The Shard

Many London residents live up in the sky which makes the tasteful look served up by Hutong perfect to draw inspiration from. Whilst your views might not be as spectacular as the Shard, you can certainly take something away from this Chinese-focused restaurant.

Using dim mood lighting and sharp red lamps it manages to convey a feeling of a city at night; use a sparse natural plant at home to achieve the look and make your flat feel like a palace in the sky.


Credit – Hospitality Net

If Hutong needs one potted plant to bring a sparse look to life, Annabel’s might inspire you to bring an entire garden into your home. The garden rooms are flowing with greenery, something you can easily replicate.

Be sure to copy the bare white walls and ensure plenty of natural light if possible, to really set this look off.

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