What do you do on your birthday? Most of us celebrate by eating copious amounts of cake, blowing out candles and making a wish. However the life of a footballing megastar is slightly different to most. Even the gifts! Our wish is Lionel Messi’s reality, with Adidas today unveiling this limited edition pair of football boots, made especially for the swinkle-toed Argentian on his 27th birthday.

The new boots are a special edition of the adizeroTM f50 Messi boots, which the Argentinian is currently wearing during the World Cup in Brazil. Featuring a sleek colour scheme of green, blue, pink, orange and white, along with the iconic three stripes, these f50s combine revolutionary technologies with the precision engineering.


With only 27 pairs made, to celebrate each year of Messi’s life, these boots are in short supply. They might not make you play like Messi, but they sure will help you look just as good without the ball!