Having a shower and a shave is one thing, but splashing on a refreshing fragrance should be every man’s next step. Offering a light, sporty and classic scent, luxury British automaker Bentley has put its name on a brand new for 2014, lingering summer friendly fragrance. Whatever your choice of transport and summer plans may be, Bentley Azure for men will rock the road ahead.

Inspired by seacoast air, Bentley Azure is a relaxing fragrance, with a subtle aroma. With a bottle that varies from pale gray to blue, there is also (as expected) a degree of sophistication involved in its design.

Bentley Azure delivers a fine blend of notes including fresh citruses, pineapple and herbal aromas of violet leaf. At the heart of Azure lies pepper, lavender and sage, backed up by tea, while the base oozes cashmere wood, tonk a bean and orcanox molecule.

We think Bentley are on to a winner here. Bentley for Men Azure eau de toilette, £79 for 100ml harrods.com