St Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival 2014


The cultural and religious holiday of St Patrick’s Day is an event celebrated all around the world.  Nowadays, better known for being a party occasion than for what it was originally celebrated, the famous national holiday in Northern and the Republic of Ireland lends itself to the world!

With the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking being lifted, the day is now well known for consuming a pint of the “black stuff”. Of course, I refer to the popular stout drink rich in iron; Guinness. London is no different to many other cities around the world, being famed for large parties that go on well into the night. Irish heritage was even celebrated in space in 2011, with Catherine Coleman playing a hundred-year-old flute at the International Space Station.

Trafalgar square will once again see large celebrations held there, with the water being dyed green for the special day. The jubilant atmosphere makes it a fun-filled affair and all are welcome to get involved in the festivities. Paint the town orange, green and white to honour the patron saint of Ireland at the annual mixture of sound and smiles, and enjoy yourself at the same time!

Head down to Trafalgar square on the 16th March for the parade, which is now into its 13th year. This year the Mayor of London has again teamed up with many Irish businesses, organisations and artists to bring an unforgettable occassion – and best of all it’s free!

The roots of the Irish community are explored, with this year lending the theme of the ‘World of Dance’.  More than 100,000 people have lined the streets in previous years and this year’s celebration is set to be even bigger! Turn out to see the spectacular floats, hear the blast of the marching bands and admire the outstanding pageantry line the streets of the Capital.

An event for all the family during the day and celebrations for a more mature audience that will continue in the small hours means it will cater for all audiences.  Fingers crossed the weather holds out!

Trafalgar Square, Westminster,
(Nearest station: Charing Cross)

Sunday, March 16th 2014

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Written by @Adamac39