Introducing Dosh’s latest innovative and stylish Syncro range, the epitome of style, innovation and practicality. The Aussie accessory brand  launched its latest collection earlier this year, which unites your wallet and protective iPhone 5 case into one streamlined “Dosh wallet”. Whilst small isn’t always practical, the Dosh Syncro certainly is!


// Comaptable with the iPhone 5

// Hold up to 6 cards + cash

// Streamlined design

// Water resistant TPU material

// Super durable and hard wearing

// Made in Austrialia

// Dimensions: 128 x 69 x 20 mm

 Syncro wallets are Australian made and utilise the highest quality materials and production processes. The Syncro range is moulded in a durable advanced polymer material called TPU which is robot assembled and bonded together to create one streamlined, seamless product. As well as being water resistant and washable, the Syncro range is light weight, has a luxurious soft-touch feel and best of all is 100% recyclable.

Dosh is a designer wallet brand from Sydney, Australia. The dosh design philosophy is to create functional, innovative wallets for the modern, go-anywhere individual. Through their inspired design configura- tions, dosh wallets help you shed the excess baggage of traditional shapeless leather wallets and streamline the contents of your pocket. For more information on Dosh products visit: www.doshbrand.com

The Dosh Syncro will be available soon via: www.kjbeckett.com/brand/dosh.html