Hoboken Division – S/T [ALBUM]

Hoboken DivisionFrom the unlikely setting of France comes a blues inspired indie Rock duo called Hoboken Division and their latest self title EP really speaks for itself.

They have quite a garage rock sound with just a sprinkling of electronic influence but these guys are very clearly influenced by a strong undercurrent of the Blues. This gives it an old quality while still being brand new. Lead vocalist Marie Rieffly has the perfect tone for their style and this is confirmed with some impress guitar work from Mathieu Cazanave.

I’m always wondering if we’d see a resurgence of the Blue is modern music and these guys are certainly getting my hopes up, they are sort of like a French version of the White Stripes.

But be sure to listen to my two favorites off the fairly short EP below.

Hoboken Division on Soundcloud
Hoboken Division Official Site
Hoboken Division on Bandcamp