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The cracking James Bay has finally released a five track EP including his earlier releases, all of which we love. The new unheard tracks featured have that signature James Bay touch to them and are all very worthy of a listen. This blend of rusty acoustic, smooth vocals and a variety of other elements make for quite a unique sound and above all, highly entertaining.

Antwon – Dark Denim [Sombear Remix]

Minneapolis based producer Sombear has just put his futuristic yet classic spin on American rapper Antwon’s track titled Dark Denim. This new and improved beat keeps the track feel nice and chilled while Antwon can still do his thing very nicely over the top. Listen to this sweet track below.

Marian Hill – Whisky

Slick Duo from Philly Marian Hill have just dropped a smooth and sexy song featuring the rich slick vocals of Samantha Gongol. I cannot get enough of this bassy yet minimal masterpiece from producer Jeremy Lloyd. I don’t know what else this new collective will bring to the table but I’m sure if it’s on par with this release, we are all in for a treat. Listen to this addictive track below, just kick back and ‘Sip it slow.’

James Bay – When We Were On Fire

British singer/song writer James Bay is back on TinMan after the release of another one of his cracking tracks titled When We Were On Fire. The caliber of this guys music is just incredible and, for me, this song stands out even more than Move Together, which we posted just after it’s release. If this artist doesn’t become incredibly popular then I just won’t know what to do. Check out this incredible track below.

Bird – Maybe Someday

Tonight’s mellow soundtrack is brought to you by Canadian producer, Bird. He has just released Maybe Someday off his up and coming solo project, La Notte. This chilled and steady beat has a variety of bright and cool samples that really give the track a nice texture and it could play on repeat for hours. I recommend you check this out below while waiting for La Notte to drop on July 9th.

Daft Punk – Evolution of Get Lucky

World famous French duo Daft Pank have just had one of their latest hits, Get Luck, broken down by fellow french producer PV Nova. The track begins with the first recording of the track in the 1920’s and finishes in 2020 with a future feeling version of the track. Not only is this all mixed together masterfully, it showcases some very nice versions of the track. Check it out below!