Feeling the Beat with Chris Fonseca

chris fonseca dance class london

London-based Chris Fonseca is the face of Smirnoff’s latest “We’re Open” campaign.

Celebrating Chris’ inspiring story, this really cool video documents the Brixton dance teacher’s love for music and passion for dance, his involvement in encouraging deaf members of the community to partake in dance classes and how technology has allowed music to be channelled far beyond sound.

Chris Fonseca, in collaboration with Smirnoff, dances on Donae’O’s video ‘Mami No Like’. What is super inspiring here is to watch the collaboration between the dance crew Plague and Chris Fonseca. Together, they join forces and go further in the process of listening to music – expressing your passion for music through dance goes beyond the melody. “When I feel the vibrations and the music together, I feel like I get goosebumps. Then the music takes over and I become part of it’ says Chris in the BTS ‘We’re Open’ Smirnoff video.

Working out the structure of the beats and the rhythm should be a lesson for all music lovers. Take a closer look at some BTS footage of the making of Chris’ collaboration with the fantastic choreographs Plague below via Noisey.

This post was written in collaboration with Smirnoff.