Fast, Fearless, Fresh Vietnamese coming to Broadgate

hop broad gate

Launching this June 2015, HOP is a new quick food service concept that will bring fast, fresh and fearless tastes of modern Vietnamese street food to London. At the heart of HOP is the Vietnamese concept of ‘Com Binh Dan’ or ‘Working People Food’. Offering boxes of delicious grub that can be eaten on the go or back at the office. From Pho and Banh Mi to Bun Noodle Salads and fusion Summer Rolls, HOP’s food is adventurous and authentic.

“Opening on a prime site in the heart of the Square Mile, HOP is the brainchild of a young and dynamic ex-City worker, 31 year old Paul Hopper. Having travelled extensively across Vietnam in 2012, and becoming inspired by the vibrant cuisine he discovered there, Paul has now embarked on his own journey to bring this exciting concept to the time-stretched workers of London’s financial district.

Literally meaning ‘BOX’ in Vietnamese, the HOP concept is all about creating quality, authentic food prepared quickly conveniently packaged for London’s working community on the move. Inspired by the whole of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, each of the signature dishes reflects the authentic flavour of its place of origin, from the subtle simplicity of the north to the rich, pungent sweet and spicy of the south. Rarely using wheat, dairy and gluten, instead, rice, vegetables and protein form the basis of most dishes; with intense flavours from fresh, fragrant herbs.

The menu caters for all kinds of tastes and meal occasions, offering light, fragrant and customisable Pho and hearty hot meal boxes for colder days, protein vegetable salads for those watching their carbs, and herb-crammed Banh Mi for the ultimate sandwich. HOP’s summer roll menu is true to the spirit of fusion, including British flavours such as smoked mackerel and beetroot.

A selection of breakfast Banh Mi and filling and nutritious Congee or ‘Viet’ porridge’ feeds workers in the morning, and the snack pots of sticky rice, jerky and greens are the perfect hunger stopgap or as an addition to a meal. City based coffee aficionados will love HOP’s Viet drip coffee. Smooth, rich and served either on its own, over ice, or with the traditional and indulgent condensed milk, HOP’s coffees are definitely worth making a beeline for”.

Opens Monday 15th June 2015

2 Finsbury Avenue Square

How much?
See the menu here.