Apple products dominate the market in almost all fields. These range from the original, the iPod, which took the mp3 market by storm to the must have telecommunication device, the iPhone, and the most recent of their products, their very own tablet, the iPad. All are simple in their design, sleek in feel and innovative in the way they changed how we go about our lives.

Businesses took them up in their thousands, causing some experts to predict they will overtake PC sales by 2017. However more recently, Apple’s share of the market has shrunk, although it still maintains a 33.8% share down from 38.2% in 2012. Apple reportedly have high hopes this slump will not continue, with the release of the iPad Air which is 28% lighter, 20% thinner and weighs just 1 pound!


(FIGURE 1: How the tablet market has grown, based on manufacture. Source - IDC)

The willingness of people to take up this form of technology, that have not already done so, is unclear at present. However, one thing is certain that they could have a much wider reaching potential due to their easy-to-use interface and mobility.

One problem that does come from these machines though is there uniformity, only coming in black and white front screen versions. The lack of uniqueness could prove to be a stumbling block for consumers who demand a more defined exterior from their tablet, phone or music player. However, as with many complications in our technological world, there is a solution a hand. Help from iSmashLondon is at hand for all your Apple colour scheme needs.

Customise your apple kit with this growing tech brand, based in London. With options to change all panels, housings and screens on your devices there is a colour scheme to be designed for everyone.

iphone-5-ismash-london(FIGURE 2: The selection options could not be easier!)

With iSmash’s easy to use website, a service catalogue full of variety and with handover either done in store or via mail, it really couldn’t be simpler. Prices vary depending on the product and service, so check out for more details.

The company also performs repairs, as well as stocking a variety of accessories for a range of mobile products. Conveniently located on High Street Kensington, King Road Chelsea and in Canary Wharf.

If your device is your everything, this store might just be essential for you – and what’s better is, some customisations can be done in as little as 30 minutes! What you waiting for? Get smashing…

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