The Perfect Brunch Spot: Ottoleghi @ Angel Islington


If you haven’t already visited one of its (now four) branches around London, it’s about time you get yourself to Ottolenghi to sample not only their excellent food, but also the entirely positively experience of dining.

The restaurant is named after Yotam Ottolenghi, an Israeli-born chef who had the simple aim of bringing Middle Eastern food – with a western twist – to the UK.

Just by stepping into the Islington branch of Ottoleghi, not far from the Angel tube station, you can immediately tell that the food that is served here is not only fresh and delicious but also visually striking: a variety of unusual and imaginative salads are on display that decorate the room as much as they entice the taste buds.


The restaurant is designed for casual ‘pop-in-and-have-a-bite’ dining, with a clean, minimalistic style and long tables where various groups of people can mingle and eat alongside one another. In true Islington style, the space is small and intimate, giving the sensation of eating with a group of friends rather than at a formal restaurant. To add to this, a selection of breads are available with many of the dishes, so toasters (which plug into the ceiling via overhead cables – nifty!) are provided with your meal, giving that extra ‘at home’ touch to the whole experience.

We were lucky enough to get a space to eat in on a busy Sunday afternoon, but if the restaurant is particularly full, all their food is available to take away. The food proved to be a fantastic (and certainly healthier!) hangover-busting alternative to a tradition Full English.

Oh, and did we mention cake? They serve the best. cakes. ever.

Ottolengi Islington
287 Upper St
N1 2TZ

Mon – Sat 8am until 10.30pm
Sun – 9am until 7pm

How much?
Average cost of brunch: £13


Written by @gabydocherty