Jerry Folk – Been A While

jerry folk - been a while

Norway’s Jerry Folk has been a consistent performer in the funk-infused section for quite some time now. He’s managed to stay relevant with releases like “You Know” and the blogosphere-breaking track “To My Soul”. Jerry’s a master of luring you in with sweet, altered vocals leading into downtempo beat drops. If you ask me, he’s got the perfect musical formula.

True to form, “Been A While” leads with a mellow, understated introductory verse complete with the plucking of harp strings. He leaves a bit of space between the verse and the drop to build a kind of suspense that keeps you guessing. Spoiler: the drop is awesomely groovy. He attacks with heavy synths and tittering hi-hats then withdraws, allowing you to recover before his next audial ambush.

With a successful balance of soft and aggressive elements, Jerry Folk proves that he’s got the production skills to warrant the hype surrounding his music. Check him out on tour this summer.