ODESZA – Love Letter (feat. The Knocks)

Motivational, dreamy and emotionally sturring are just three descriptives we would use to best describe the sound of Washington-based dudes Harrison and Clayton (aka ODESZA!). The Electronic duo have long been one of the most consistent performers on the electronic scene. Today, they are back, teaming up with The Knocks for a brand new single “Love Letter“.

And if the new single wasn’t enough to wet the appetite, ODESZA have also announced that they are readying a brand-new album, “The Last Goodbye”, set to be released in July 2022.

“Over the past few years we’ve been able to reflect on who we are, what it means to do what we do, and in the end, who we are doing this for. We became focused and inspired by the impact our families and friends have imprinted on us, and how we want to continue to echo that out as we move through this life. We found comfort in the fact that those who we love stay with us, that they become intrinsically part of us, in a way.” – ODESZA

The Knocks revealed that the new track ‘Love Letter’ was first created five years ago and went through several variations before ODESZA got hold of it!

“This song has had a wild ride. It was originally started about 5 years ago and went through many versions before ODESZA took it to its final form. We always knew there was something really special about it. It was one of those ideas we kept coming back to and being frustrated by because we knew it was amazing but we couldn’t get it totally right. This new version blew our minds and we felt like it had finally found its rightful home. The rest is history.” – The Knocks