dné – These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere

dné - These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere

dné is a guy who appreciates simplicity. But things haven’t been so simple for the Prague born musician. Back in 2010, Ondrej Holy, aka dné had plans to work on releasing an EP and follow it up with a debut album. Poor health and other setbacks led to him slowly but surely losing sight of this goal.

Some 5-years on, and he’s now finished the aforementioned album and just released it, titled These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere. Representing a timeless sound, dné’s debut album encompasses a chain of thoughts and realisation moments, music that has no boundaries or lyrical content. These elusive sounds create deep cinematic moments for the listener and are incredibly enjoyable to listen to.

In Ondrej’s own words:

“You just live a long series of these semi feelings that are OK for the moment but don’t leave a significant memory in the long run.”