My friend Mark would like Kaleida. Mark who now likes Haim and Chvrches, but who spent his formative teenage years listening to Radiohead and watching Star Wars.

The London-based duo is made up of Christina Wood on vocals and Cicley Goulder on keys and production. “Picture You” is their latest free release to float its way to you on a Soundcloud of bubbly-pop nostalgia.

It’s not hard to see how Mark’s love for these things would inform his affinity for Kaleida. “Picture You” conjures the scene of broody teenage Mark, pining after the woman of his Katy-Perry-teenage-dreams. With just the right amount of Annie Lennox, Blondie on a cheerful day, and a bit of modern-day Poliça production thrown in, we’ve conjured the Kaleida mood.

Think” is reminiscent of Pong, the pixelated computer game which induces feelings of megalomania in the player. Only, Christina and Cicley aren’t racketeering pixels on a screen between two moving blocks, but swapping sounds between marimba, glockenspiel and xylophone. “Think” has that wonderful intergalactic feel, with a Star Wars flounce which only an 80s-inspired song can offer. Its catchy beats warbles around your brain like an electronic echo, while the refrain lingers like a siren song.

Tropea” is like the nu-age workout song that should be played on loop to an aerobics class taking place on the moon. Mark would attend these classes religiously, dressed in stirruped leggings from American Apparel, sweatbands around the wrists and forehead, along with an off the shoulder sweater number. The simple lyrics of “Tropea” aren’t strictly repetitive, but rather cascade again and again in a wonderful pattern. Its zingy synths tied in with harmonious stings make this song bend and snap.

Kaleida will be playing at this summer’s Lovebox Festival in London, alongside the likes of M.I.A, Bonobo and Mount Kimbie. But in the meantime, look out for them at your local under-the-radar venue and be sure to say hello to Mark.