Summer 16′ Male Grooming Guide

male grooming guide summer 2016

The modern man is proud to take care of himself and take grooming seriously. So, whether you’re ‘that’ guy or somebody reconsidering your grooming game, these essentials will give your summer regime a much needed boost.

Face Scrub
A good face scrub is your ticket to maximum results, minimum effort. Doctor’s Scrub by Goldfaden MD removes dead surface cells and leaves the skin looking brighter and feeling cleaner. Use once a week and you’re face will be a revelation. £65 via Space.NK

Face Wash
A quick slap of water in the shower will not rid the skin of oil. Thankfully Anthony’s Glycolic Facial Cleanser does, leaving skin feeling smooth and matt without drying it out. The Glycolic acid helps prevent in-growing hairs, razor burns and preps your skin for the next step, shaving. £21 via Mankind

Shaving Tool
Cornerstone’s approach to shaving is simple. Tell them how often you shave and they’ll arm you with all the necessary kit to meet your demands. Have your initials engraved on the handle, and receiving everything including cartridges by post. Add additional products to your armour as you go. Subscribe via Cornerstone

An important step in any gents skincare routine is the replenishment of moisture- don’t forget this key element post cleanse and shave. Anthony’s All Purpose Facial Moisturizer is a product with multiple hydration and protection benefits that will undoubtedly become a close ally to your grooming arsenal. Packed with vitamins A, C and E it’s suitable for all skin types and does a solid job with minimal fuss. Use post shave/shower. £23 via Newmen

Lip Care
Dry chapped lips are a common occurrence during summer, don’t let it be. Lab Series’ ‘Lip Tech’ is a high performance formula designed to hydrate, condition and soften dry skin. The matte finish, low-key packaging and pocket size make sure your masculinity remains intact. £8 via Lab Series UK

Eye Cream
Summer brings with it a whole host of activities. Trips to the beach are closely followed by dips in a swimming pool. Chances are your eyes will be among the first to show signs of fatigue and damage from this. That’s where Mkmen’s advanced eye cream comes in. It hydrates and firms the skin around the eyes to minimize the appearance of fine lines and damage. £21 via Mary Kay