Rosie Carney – Antidote

Rosie Carney Antidote

Irish singer/songwriter Rosie Carney is someone I’d love to see perform live in a small venue. I can picture her in the corner of a dark bar, illuminated by a single white spotlight performing her gentle but captivating music before a hypnotized audience.

I immediately fell in love with her sound. Her music is stripped down and intimate, pulling you into her private little world. With a mellifluous voice and an effortless feel, her brand of folk music is understated and mesmerizing.

Armed with honesty and an acoustic guitar, she builds a beautiful audial story with “Antidote”. Her comforting vibrato drifts atop gentle guitar chords and bittersweet lyrics, elucidating that once we have acted upon something, it cannot be undone.

A note on her Soundcloud promises more new music to come soon. Keep your eyes on this talented artist by following her on Facebook.