ODESZA – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) (Autograf Remix)


Continuing with their steady rise, Autograf is back with another remix, this time around taking on “All We Need” by Odesza.

Released as part of an eight track SoundCloud remix EP package, the Chicago natives are adding another ear tingling product to their already impressive portfolio, which includes remixes of Pharrell, Christina Perri, and Lorde. Head over to Autograf’s SoundCloud page here to catch up!

Giving rise to a variation of their typical formula by stripping the track from its original vocals and percussions, the trio adds rhythmically synced cuts and breaks, blending Shy Girls’ vocals with the syncopated synths to produce an effervescent texture throughout. To finish it off, the remix is infused with their signature marimba sound to complete this buoyant and colorful edition.

Listen below.