“SOUND IS STYLE” – Four Of The Best Headphones On The Highstreet

If sound is style then you are what you listen to! The TinMan London team presents you with some of our favorite sharp sounding and even sharper looking headphones.

Purchasing a pair of headphones is a personal investment, so whatever your lifestyle demands, we’ve kept you in mind.

#1- iT7 x2 Bluetooth Headphones.

Orange iT7x2 Angled viewThe iT7x2 headphone by iT7 Audio is little different to anything-mentioned below, and quite frankly, we love its originality!

First things first, the iT7x2 features Bluetooth 4.0 with NFC technology, perfect for syncing with a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other media device. Whilst you get 10hours play out of them, you’ll want to remember to place on charge at some point, so the micro USB charging cable comes in handy! The trend of a built in microphone continues here, but you will be pleased to know that because of the Bluetooth technology the iT7x2 features wireless controls, with volume up/down buttons conveniently placed on the left hand side ear-cup. The iT7x2 certainly receives high grades on lifestyle compatibility, with features that are practical for our everyday life.

Orange iT7x2 folded

In terms of audio performance, the iT7x2 scores well too! These Bluetooth headphones are capable of providing some serious bass, so are the perfect choice if you listen to heavy sounds, such as EDM and Hip-hop. Whilst the iT7x2 headphone is capable of delivering a knockout punch in terms of bass, you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t distort or show any sign of audio weakness.

iT7x2 headphones are available in a number of colour options, but we’ve only got eyes for the Orange model – £169.99 via Argos.

#2 – Nixon Stylus Headphones.


Born and raised in California U.S.A, its fair to say that style comes naturally to the Nixon brand. As such the Nixon Stylus is a headphone that just oozes confidence, from its packaging to its sound delivery.


The Nixon Stylus headphone is a great lightweight headphone that provides effortless high-quality noise isolation and immense true sounding audio play. The Stylus’ ergonomic design is fused impeccably with its visual appeal, with a minimal design that exhibits more style than you’d think. Useful features include the 3-button volume control and microphone (a welcome luxury). Whilst the powerful low distortion drivers definitely do the talking here, the memory foam ear cushions are also worth a shout out, offering long-lasting comfort.


Suitable for every occasion, you can wear these with a suit during the daily, or pair with your gym kit for a snazzy look for the evening. The Nixon Stylus is available in a range of electrifying color options, but we say choose Black on Black for the perfect blend of subtle style – £110.00 via Nixon.

#3- Marshall Major Headphones.


This British, retro style headphone from audio experts Marshall is the perfect balance of style and audio proficiency. What first endeared us to the Marshall Major headphones were the quirky fine details, but distinctive styling can only get you so far. Fortunately the Marshall Major headphones pack a heavy audio punch too!

Take a closer look at these Marshall headphones and you will notice the fine details. For starters, the distinguished gold audio-jack, “hand-made” style stitching and contrast branding are just three key style mentions. It’s fair to say the Marshall Major stays true to origin, encompassing old-school suaveness in its design, whilst delivering modern audio quality. Aside from looking good and performing well, the Marshall Major headphones are practical, with easy adjustment rails to ensure the perfect fit, whilst soft earpieces cater for long lasting ear comfort.

major_marshall_white_fullThrow a pair of Marshall Major headphones around your head, and you won’t just look cool, you’ll be cool! Available in two colour-ways, black or white, we say go for the white for its youthful fresh look – £100.00 via Marshall.

#4 – Urbanears Zinken Headphones.


The Zinken headphone by Urbanears combines a timeless sleek design with a bunch of handy extras. Take the reversible cable for starters, which allows you to use either a 1/4-inch plug or a 1/8-inch plug. The Zinken also features an adjustable headband and flexible earcups, ensuring an optimal fit. The audio performance of the Zinken by Urbanears is impressive too, providing clear, strong and punchy sound for maximum audio satisfaction.

The Zinken headphone is convenient, providing the option of switching between different sized audio-jacks, which makes it an exceptionally functional product and a perfect choice for everyday music enthusiasts, musicians and DJs alike.

Available in a wide assortment of colours, we choose the grey, the perfect understated choice for someone who doesn’t want to stand out in the crowed but craves subtle style – £89.90 via Urbanears.