Slim Jim’s Liquor Store: An American Dive Bar Where You Least Expect It

slim jims

So, our quest to find you interesting, strange and unusual places in London continues. Still exploring the Islington area this week, one of our newest members of the TML team, Gaby discovered Slim Jim’s Liquor Store, an American ‘dive-bar’ style venue near Angel.

With the dim lighting, red bar stools and a fantastic old working jukebox (which, according to the website, was voted by Time Out as one of London’s best), you definitely feel like you’ve left North London and have stepped into some underground LA venue.

Slim Jims Liquor store

Slim Jims Liquor store-1

With a great selection of tunes to choose from, ranging from a variety of alternative and indie-rock sounds to American classics à la Bruce Spingsteen, the 1950s ‘Grease’ feel of the bar (Danny Zuko and his gang certainly wouldn’t look out of place here) mingles with something a lot less wholesome and a whole lot more gritty, grimy and authentic. This is probably our favourite thing about this bar – it doesn’t come across as gimmicky in any way; unlike some themed 50’s American diners, it doesn’t feel or look plastic, and it isn’t force-feeding you a theme. This possibly comes down to the fact that Slim Jim’s has a soul; people go there, and return, and become regulars, rather than going once for the novelty factor and never coming back.

Drinks are (predictably) at typical London prices, but there is a large choice of cocktails that are made in front of you by staff who clearly know what they’re doing.

Slim Jims Liquor store-2

This is a place to visit with friends, maybe not a place we would recommend going to for a first date – it’s noisy, dingy, and on the weekends gets packed, so if you plan on having any kind of meaningful conversation, then you might want to save it for the cab ride home. Nonetheless we loved visiting Slim Jim’s Liquor store, its totally unique, full of charisma and organic charm. We reccomend visiting with a group who are seeking a wacky good time. Slim Jim’s is dark, it’s grungy, it’s a little bit dirty, but it’s an all-round brilliant place.

Slim Jim’s Liquor Store
112 Upper St
N1 1QN

Mon – Wed 4pm until 2am
Thurs – Sat – 4pm until 3am
Fri – 4pm until 1.30am
Sun – 6pm until 1am

How much?
Average price of a cocktail: £11


Written by @gabydocherty