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All About She released their debut single ‘Higher’ in the UK today, and so there was no better time than the present for us to put the TinMan London SPOTLIGHT on the talented UK trio. The unique group is made up of production talents Jon Clare and James Tadgell matched with the flawless vocals of Vanya Taylor. All About She bring a fresh dynamic to the UK music scene under the guidance of Disturbing London records.

The group have already made a name for themselves prior to todays official single release, having worked with industry namestayer Tinie Tempah, Sasha Keable and of course their incredibly popular official remix of Jessie J‘s ‘It’s my party’. When we asked AAS who their dream future collaborations would be and why Vanya expressed confidently that her’s would be Pharrell Williams. He is one of the scientists of music, able to convey ultimate freedom in his music. Something that is not easy!For Jon and James it was Dizzee Rascal, “Although Vanya has worked with him we’d love to get in the studio together and get him on a crazy beat. He’s the most successful British emcee ever and has definitely always been an inspiration for us”.

Whilst they hold Pharrell and Dizzee collaborations as aspirational goals, the group’s musical influences and inspirations are massively varied. Out of the UK grime scene they pick Fekky as their one to watch. “We also like Etta Bond, MNEK, Sam Smith and Disturbing London’s own, Sasha Keable”. Back to the present, and All About She note home grown influences for their debut single “Higher, with the trio explaining that they were experimenting with one of their all-time favourites- old school garage. We had the track for a while and once it was completed we heard the magic in it so we decided on it for the first single.”

Steering away from old school garage however we managed to delve a little deeper and discover AAS’ guilty musical pleasures! We can confirm that Jon has a secret crush on Miley Cyrus and Vanya isn’t even ashamed of her obsession. “I love 00’s pop, but I don’t feel guilty at all! Britney Spears – In The Zone is one of my favourite pop albums.” More surprisingly James’s guilty pleasure is Bryan Adams: “My first memory of how great a song can make you feel was ‘Everything I Do’”. It is often the case that an individual’s personality can be encapsulated in a single song. All About She gave us an insight into theirs: For Vanya the song that best showcases her is ‘Love is War’ by Outkast, Jon’s is Daniel Merryweather’s ‘Red’, whilst for James he feels the sultry, romantic tones of Al Green’s ‘Let’s stay together’ have got him down to a ‘T’.

With all these eclectic influences, personalities and genre amalgamations in the creative melting pot we asked them where it was exactly that their musical magic proved most productive. “Definitely together in the studio as we don’t all live in London, that’s our common ground and a place we can be creative, collectively.”

LISTEN: All About She – “Higher”

The trios debut single, “Higher” is full of happy rhythms, memorable lyrics and infectious sounds. The impressive single will no doubt serve as a great benchmark for fellow industry newcomers, and is thankfully just the beginning from the talented London trio. Our inspirations in music are life itself and the hope that our music can reach people in a way we’ve always dreamed about. We are inspired by sound and emotion in a song and the translation of that sound to mean much more.

This essence of everyday life inspirations is clearly evident in the official video for the single.


The video successfully manages to steer away from cliché Ibiza club scene shots and manages to ooze a feel good factor, whilst telling the story of love and even showcasing the English capital. With 2014 just around the corner, All About She are set for an exciting year, full of opportunities, something which will further enhance a growing reputation. With a number of showcase live sets, acoustic performances, an EP and hopefully an album by the end of the year, All About She certainly have got a busy time ahead!