Working with a range of budgets, catering for a range of styles, the fashion team at TinMan London has decided to begin a series of weekly fashion features. SEVEN styles will be selected every 7 days, and displayed as the #LUCKY7 – This weeks selections are straight, loose and skinny, styles of jeans we are sure you’ll love and seemingly titled: “Seven Jeans We Love“.

Acne Vega Bladerunner Slim-fit jeans – £180.00 – These Acne slim-fit jeans are tailored to fit a slender silhouette and are faded to add character. Throw on a thin, dark toned jumper to truly show off these jeans. To avoid losing the great characteristics, machine wash these high quality jeans when it’s only necessary and save them for your best occasions. (Image below – courtesy of mrporter.com)

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 Undercover Slim-fit Panelled Cotton Blend Jeans – £540.00 – If you see yourself as the more adventurous type, then you should love these slim fitting layered Undercover jeans. Still using an attractive dark tone, these cotton blend jeans are wicked for adding some excitement and simple layering to a dull outfit. These one-of-a-kind jeans are crafted in Japan and garment dyed to achieve the sooty tone. Stand out from the rest of the boring crowd with these stylish panelled jeans. (Image below – courtesy of mrporter.com)

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Native Youth Skinny Jeans – £40.00 – These Native Youth Skinny jeans take “Skinny” to a whole new world! These jeans are great for any of you geeza’s looking for a tight fitted pair of denim jeans, with a strong emphasis on youth style, with a raw fashion twist. Made from stretch cotton denim, these Native Youth skinnies come in Black/Blue, in a fleck colourway casual option. Best when paired with a simple T-shirt, and some chunky sneakers, for a you down to earth casuals!

native youth - black skinny jeans

Superdry ‘Officer’ Slim Jeans – Vintage Grey – £54.99 – If you deem yourself to be a bit of a lazy styler, then these vintage grey jeans from Superdry are the ones for you. Worn in so you don’t have to, the slim-fit charcoal effect jeans do all the talking. This pair has a slightly aged feel to them but  they still manage to remain mysterious. Great for a man who has style that speaks for itself, avoiding all the fancy frills.

Superdry - NEW OFFICER SLIM_Vintage Grey

Superdry ‘Copper Fill’ Loose Jeans – £59.99 These classic ‘loose’ fit jeans have a warn exterior, giving them a slightly rugged/edgy appearance. Boasting a simple but classic style, these jeans are straightforward and get the job done well. They work best when with a casual wardrobe.


Judas Sinned Skinny Twill Denim Jeans – £55.30 (sale price) – These dark and devilish jeans in jet black work well rolled up to the ankle to showcase your slick sneakers. With a 5% elastane blend these skinnies provide a more comfortable fit than your average pair of jeans, giving you room to move about when you’re at a gig or running about town. These Judas Sinned skinnies are a great simplistic add to an indie outfit.


 Levi’s Vintage Orange Tab Slim-Fit Denim Jeans – £155.00 – How could we pick a #Lucky7 – “Seven Jeans We Love” and not mention Levi’s! The iconic denim brand has travelled back in time with its ‘Orange Tab‘ collection, which includes reproductions from its 1960s 605 style! We love these slim fit denims, we think they look swagtastic.

This slim fit  provides vintage roots with a modern twist, with a strong emphasis on luxury style! An appealing trait of these dry denims is that they’ll break into their own personaltised look within a few wears. A great pair of stylish denims, perfect with a casual shirt and a pair of sneakers. (Image below – courtesy of mrporter.com)