FLASHBACK: Drake – Say Whats Real

In a society where everyone is chasing the competition, I sometimes feel surrounded by fakeness. It’s a common problem and finding people who “Say Whats Real” should therefore be applauded, appreciated and valued! FLASHBACK to February 2009 and I was 20, needless to say I was on my way to becoming the man I am today ( have I really changed??!). Having been into my music even more so back then I found myself listening to Drizzy, introducing the Canadian rapper to many of those around me (was TinMan London born?) Back then it was clear that Drake’s train was only going one way! The musical highlight of 2009 was most definitely So Far Gone for me, a mixtape that saw Drake link up with the likes of Lil Wayne, Kanye West (production), Lloyd, Omarion, Bun B and more!

 “Say Whats Real” was definitely a crucial song off Drake’s breakthrough mixtape, and was certainly a track that made HipHop heads stop and listen! Drake takes Kanye West’s “Say You Will” beat and spills some heartfelt emotions, opinions & feelings about his current life state back then. “Say Whats Real” still hits the spot and makes me realise why Im still a fan of Drizzy til this day! Enjoy todays FLASHBACK.