Jez Dior – Love Me to Death [VIDEO]

nonameUnsigned L.A star Jez Dior returns to our pages with this visual for his latest single “Love Me To Death”. The track explains the chronicles of his romance with a number of vices such as drugs and alcohol. Directed by Stephen Mallett the video is somewhat moody and mysterious.
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About Jez Dior
Jez Dior is a Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artist. His upcoming mixtape Scarlett Sage will mark his first ever solo release. Being the son of 1970’s punk rocker Steve Dior – best friend of Sid Vicious and crafter of many Sex Pistols songs, he is no stranger to the music scene. He started creating songs at the age of 13 and has progressed immensely and matured as an artist. His idols range from Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain to the likes of Kanye West. Family life hasn’t always been the easiest for him as many deaths and his father’s addiction tore his family apart. His music all relates back to real life situations and struggles. Only being 20 years old he still has a lot of time ahead of him to continue to grow as an artist and to be able to brand himself into rap superstardom.