Chill Bump – The Loop [Album]

What happens when you combine smooth, old school beats with some versatile rhythmical lyrics? Well you get this brand new album from French Hip-Hop duo Chill Bump… and a huge smile on your face. I thought classic Hip-Hop was dead but these guys are showing everyone how to do it properly.

The new EP ‘The Loop’ combines some of the finest beats sampled with many classic bits and pieces from the beat maker Bankal and some masterful lyrics and flows from Miscellaneous the rapper of the group. Bankal give the songs a very classic feel and make these true Hip-Hop songs. Of course, these beats would be quite empty without the expert flows and lyrics from Miscellaneous.

Together these two should make an impressive dent on the Rap scene and I really hope they make it over this side of the channel ASAP.